At the heart of Embloss are designing floral installations, embellishing events with our designs and styling shoots.

There´s a place for you at Embloss. Our workshops are dedicated to teaching you how to turn your curiosity for flowers into floral arrangements.

At Atelier Embloss, we explore your narrative, assess the realm of possibilities, and encourage new ways of thinking. We value simplicity and are drawn to revisiting the past, drawing inspiration from the Art Nouveau style.

A significant source of our inspiration comes from actively engaging with the materials at hand. Our installations are designed to encourage you to pause and savour both the blooming and decaying of the natural materials in our designs.


is a florist


I can’t help but let my imagination wander, envisioning the next sculpture we could create from the branches, flowers and twigs I’ve come across in recent days.

My love for botanics didn’t bloom in the typical way. Instead of playing on playgrounds like other kids, I spent my childhood exploring gardens and hidden places. These early wanderings taught me to pay attention to the smaller details in nature.

Now, as a trained florist, I find inspiration during my early morning walks, and I infuse that appreciation for nature’s intricate charm into my creations, making others see the often -overlooked beauty in the world.


is a designer


Most of my inspiration stems from marshy terrains and post-apocalyptic botanical realms.

The swamp symbolizes a mystical world where new forms of life, including flowers and plants, find their beginnings.

The juxtaposition of the natural world and bustling city life lies at the core of my artistic identity,

symbolizing the coexistence of nature and urbanity.

I am a surface designer and graduated from the Art Academy in Berlin with a Bachelor’s degree, before beginning work in the textiles industry and a facade company in recent years.



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